Episode 100

degradation loopsOriginal Air Date: 2019/02/20

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etelin :: been really good today :: hui terra [soda gong]
ian william craig :: and therefore the moonlight :: thresholder [130701]
fia fiell :: use your hands :: all in the same room [nice music]
eva kierten :: two (edit) :: the shattered vessel [other forms of consecrated life]
scott worthington :: a time that is also a place (edit) :: orbit [iikki]
nivhek :: walking in a spiral towards the house – funeral song :: after its own death / walking in a spiral towards the house [self-released]
richard skelton :: second channel :: a channel for water [aeolian]
jasmine guffond :: degradation loops #3 :: degradation loops [karlrecords]
aaron martin :: blue light :: worried about the fire [experimedia]
kirill mazhai :: beach party, later :: hearts must change [fluid audio]
fean :: lytse poel (edit) :: fean [moving furniture records]
corey fuller :: look into the heart of light, the silence :: break [12k]