Episode 085

tuesdayOriginal Air Date: 2017/09/01

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øjerum :: first figure :: landscape with silent figure
max richter :: tuesday (edit) :: three worlds: music from woolf works [deutsche grammophon]
greg haines :: submergence :: slumber tides [miasmah]
secret pyramid :: memory within memory :: two shadows collide [ba da bing]
keith berry :: lizard ship :: simulacra [infraction]
janek schaefer :: sparkles into the light of night :: glitter in my tears [room40]
hymnambulae :: vitsidan :: orgelhuset [hypnagoga press]
o. vaupel :: untitled 12 :: til årstiderne, levet gennem vores fælles syn [janushoved]
the conet project :: s10 czech lady :: recordings of shortwave numbers stations [irdial discs]
jeremy young & aaron martin :: a pulse passes from hand to hand ii :: a pulse passes from hand to hand [white paddy mountain]
constance demby :: om mani padme hum :: i am the center: private issue new age in america, 1950-1990 [light in the attic]
gas :: zauberberg 1 :: zauberberg [mille plateaux]