Episode 048

skiniya 2Original Air Date: 2015/05/01

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michael price :: little warm thing :: entanglement [erased tapes]
aaron martin :: poured out, pulled under :: comet’s coma [eilean rec]
christina vantzou :: going backwards to recover that which was left behind :: no. 2 [kranky]
francesco messina :: untitled :: prati bagnati del monte analogo (with raul lovisoni) [die schachtel]
en :: maboroshi :: the absent coast [root strata]
tim hecker :: trade winds, white heat :: radio amor [mille plateaux]
andrew chalk :: lupins in moonlight :: violin by night [faraway press]
sarah davachi :: codex :: qualities of bodies permanent [constellation tatsu]
michel banabila & oene van geel :: nothing but blue sky :: music for viola and electronics [tapu records]
marsen jules :: skiniya :: the empire of silence [oktaf]
jan nemecek :: coming back :: fragmented [self-released]
jasper tx & anduin :: everything disappears in a tunnel of light :: the bending of light [smtg limited]
duane pitre & cory allen :: the healer :: the seeker and the healer [students of decay]
the inward circles :: and in their groves of the sun this was a fit number :: nimrod is lost in orion and osyris in the doggestarre [corbel stone press]