Episode 028

Original Air Date: 2014/03/28

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kleefstra | pruiksma | kleefstra :: sompe rukt nei jongensbloed :: deislieper [hibernate]
anne guthrie :: branching low and spreading :: codiaeum variegatum [students of decay]
steinbruchel :: interlude i :: basis [room40]
the garden :: i :: in sea-land [install]
tape loop orchestra :: yesterday, this would’ve meant so much to us [hibernate]
julianna barwick :: adventurer of the family :: nepenthe [dead oceans]
ezekiel honig :: subverting the memory of your surroundings :: folding in on itself [type]
kyle bobby dunn :: dropping sandwiches in chester lake :: ways of meaning [desired path]
en & jefre cantu-ledesma :: blood variations ii :: split [constellation tatsu]  [Sample from Pronouncing The Scientific Names Of Seashells Of North America]
christopher hipgrave :: soft static :: slow with pages of fluttering interference [low point]
richard skelton :: fold :: marking time [type]
federico durand :: cinco luchimagas :: el libro de los árboles mágicos [home normal]