Episode 016

Sliding Rock II

Original Air Date: 2013/11/22

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This week’s show features a mix crafted by Tonepoet. The mix is called (Slowly Drifting) Light Years Away, and it’s comprised of songs that have not been featured on any of Tonepoet’s previous mixes. You can download the original mix and hear many other mixes from Tonepoet by checking out the links below.


Big thanks to Tonepoet for providing this week’s soundtrack!

helios :: first dream called ocean :: eingya [type]
sigur ros :: valtari :: valtari [xl recordings]
aphex twin :: #21 (lichen) :: selected ambient works volume 2 [warner brothers]
raison d’etre :: in abandoned places :: requiem for abandoned souls [cold meat industry]
hammock :: still point :: sleepover series volume 1 [hammock music]
ben lovett :: only the dead can be forgiven :: the last lullaby [lovers label]
bubble :: boon :: features of spheres [self-released]
kwajbasket :: sucof ni enots :: aftrthghts [self-released]
carbon based lifeforms :: system :: twentythree [ultimae records]
olan mill :: eyes closed (for rube) :: paths [facture]
jonsi & alex :: atlas song :: riceboy sleeps [xl recordings]